The historical significance of this area is truly remarkable.   Yet another reason to create a common park for everyone to enjoy.


In 1890 the statue of Robert E. Lee was erected on eleven acres of land donated by Richmond developer Otway S. Allen.  Consulting architect engineer Collinson Pierrepont Burgwyn laid out cross-axial boulevards and a circle of 200 feet in diameter, the center of which would host Robert E. Lee's monument.  Original drawings show an allĂ©e of stately trees planned for flanking the median to both east and west.1

Monument Avenue is a registered historic landmark and is a tourist attraction for many to see.   It is preserved for everyone to enjoy.

1Richmond's Monument Avenue - by Sarah Shields Driggs, Richard Guy Wilson and Robert P. Winthrop.  Copyright 2001.  Photographs courtesy of the Valentine Museum, Richmond, Virginia.

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