We invite you to become a part of the transformation of our green and capacious common park.

Welcome to Allen Avenue Common Park, a City median to be transformed by neighbors and residents for the enjoyment and recreation of the entire community.  A beautiful, inviting space with benches and walkways will enhance the experience of all who visit.  New trees, shrubs, ground cover and hard scape will create a new gathering place for residents and visitors alike.   Our common park is located on North Allen Avenue between the Robert E. Lee Monument and Park Avenue.

 What makes a great park? Beautiful utilized outdoor space.

People's connection to nature can be life changing.  Who has not felt stress and cares fall away sitting in dappled sunlight with a breeze on your face?  Gardens are transformative not only for individuals, but for businesses and neighborhoods as well. Elegant, utilized and beautiful spaces trump ugly, neglected and dangerous ones and increase the experience of all who enjoy a public space.  A lovely park broadcasts our city's pride to tourists & enhances their experience when visiting Richmond, Virginia.

FAAC envisions people enjoying lunch, walking their leashed dogs, mothers watching toddlers on tricycles, and students playing 'corn hole' or frisbee on a weekend afternoon.   Relaxing afternoons with residents drawing up chairs to have a neighborly chat or enjoying some private reading space are part of our vision.

With City approval in September, 2016 - Friends of Allen Avenue Common have pledged not only to construct the park but also to take responsibility for its on-going maintenance. This is a significant task and responsibility for which we will need hands-on community involvement along with financial reserves for professional contractual help over the years.   Our renovation plan emphasizes state-of-the-art plantings and hard scape installation practices, along with low maintenance tree, shrub and ground cover choices.

FAAC with community support is committed to upholding the standards of this beautifully designed space.

Generous paths of walkable materials and proportions, low seating walls say...

'Welcome - Come in and enjoy!'

Copyright 2017 Friends of Allen Avenue Common Park.  All Rights Reserved.