Friends of Allen Avenue Common (FAAC) is a non-profit community group formed in December 2012 under the auspices of Enrichmond Foundation to oversee the improvement project of Allen Avenue Common Park.   Enrichmond functions as an umbrella group to help Richmond City neighborhood groups organize and attain non-profit status for community improvement projects.

Who Are We?

Our Goal is clear: beautify this space.

Our renovation plan emphasizes state-of-the-art planting, soil and hard scape installation practices along with low maintenance tree, shrub and ground cover choices.

FAAC's goal is to renovate, rejuvenate and beautify the landscape on the Allen Avenue median that lies south of the Lee Monument to its intersection with Park Avenue.  Currently hard packed earth does not drain after rainfall and grass struggles to grow with shade and tree roots.   It is a sad looking landscape that residents, neighbors and visitors notice when crossing or using the median.   Our vision is to create an capacious and inviting urban park - a worthy bookend to the national treasure of Monument Avenue.

"I believe very strongly that the cities that pay attention - really pay attention - to quality of life will be the cities that thrive in the 21st century... Trees, flowers, a small park, even a sidewalk bench can soften the rough edges of a city, calm your nerves and make you feel a little more in control of things... Parks are essential building blocks of strong neighborhoods." (Fmr Mayor of Chicago, Richard M. Daley).

Project Specs

Landscape architects Anna Galusha Aquino and Bryan Puckett have designed a comprehensive plan for the area that envisions a tailored and elegant, urban median utilizing the stately willow oaks (already there) with additional understory trees, permeable hard scape (brick/stone/gravel,) ground cover and places to sit and recreate.  This plan promises much less maintenance and little or no irrigation compared to other parks with grass, mulch and perennials.  Scaled plans are now available for viewing.

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